“The best part of life is when your family becomes your friends and your friends become your family”

elegant WA family friends copy

I am very lucky, I have many friends, and a wonderful family. Some friends come into your life and leave, others come into your life and are there to stay. My friends at school are definitely important to me. I have some very special friends in particular. Xiana and Jacob are some friends I share some of my best memories with. I have known them for as long as I can remember. We have been everywhere together, from Slovenia, Europe to our back yard.


They are like my other two siblings. Over the past year we have seen each other. They used to live in Prince George, but they moved to the lower mainland. We don’t see them nearly as much as we used to, but they will always be the ones who I share some of the craziest memories with. Another person who is very close to me is my sister. She is the most annoying person ever, and we drive each other crazy


However, she is probably the person I trust most, and she is definitely the one who knows everything about me. When we get a long, which is quite often , we have a blast. We make great shopping buddies, we always share our clothes and make up, and I know she will always be there for me. So the next person I’m going to talk about is this certain friend who I really like. I wont mention his name though 🙂 I met him almost 2 years ago. We do some pretty crazy stuff together but it is definitely fun. We have some of the weirdest and most random conversations, but  we also have really deep conversations about changing the world, the importance or lack of importance of money in a persons life versus happiness, and the future. I’d say we are pretty good friends. My parents are of course a huge part of my life, my mom is probably the nicest person I know. I’m not just saying that so she’ll buy me chocolate, but because she truly is. It’s all the small things she does that add up. She always tells me try to make the room a better place before you leave. She does this all the time. It might be as small as putting a few things away or completely changing the mood of the people in the room. I think that is a great thing to keep in the back of your mind as you go through life. Imagine how much better the world would be if everyone who was born said I want to die knowing a made this world a better place. It’s not to the same scale as what my mom tells me but its the same idea. My dad is also a big part of my life. He is a pretty smart guy, not book smart but logic smart. He always asks me questions that make me think. He is always looking out for me trying to make sure I get to bed early, and get to school on time, and helping me succeed in my activities.  There is one last person who has made a HUGE impact on my life over the past 2-3 years. It is my violin teacher. His name is Gordon Lucas. He is an incredible individual with a huge amount of knowledge. He has increased my understanding of music and the violin as well as many other things. He has changed the way I think. No one has ever challenged me mentally the way he has. He has made me improve as a person and a musician in so many ways. It is hard to describe, usually a teacher and a student exchange ideas based on one subject, the subject being taught by the teacher. However gordon has touched on so many topics. I have gained so much insight thanks to him. Other friends that are really close to me include: Brianna, Simron, Tori, Britney, Halee, and Laney. So that’s my first blog post about people who are important to me and their impact on my life. I hope I’ve been as big of a part of their life as they have been in mine 🙂


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