Reflection: Skills

I recently did a skills presentation in class. My skill was music. It was very easy for me to think of my skills, many of my skills have been developed out of interest and activities I participate in outside of school. I decided to show music as a skill because I think music is an interactive and entertaining skill to watch. It is also one of the skills I would be most comfortable  presenting. Planning my presentation was not hard, especially after watching my teachers “example” presentation. 

I considered the following things when planning my presentation

Order of presentation

           – Introduce myself

           – Talk about myself

           – Talk about my skill

           – Present my skill


            -What should it look like?           

            -What details will it contain?


           – What will you present

            -How will you present it


            -What will I tell the class

The challenge in the presentation, for me, was talking about myself. I am definitely a reserved person, and I don’t like telling people I hardly know. I was very comfortable presenting my skill in front of everyone. I am better at presenting a formal presentation or giving a formal speech. I think I have to work on remaining calm throughout the powerpoint presentation, this would improve the overall presentation. I worked on my musical skills and I most definitely think this is transferrable to a job such as music teaching or playing professionally. I also worked on speaking to groups, I think this is helpful for any job where you have to present to your co-workers. I have benefitted from this experience, I have learned how to prepare for a presentation, refine a skill within a short period of time, and improved my presentation speaking skills.

I saw many fantastic skills presentations. I would love to be able to do the yoyo like one of my classmates. I would also like to be able to have the basketball/soccer skills as one of my other classmates. I will continue to pursue music,but I don’t think I will make it a career. I would also like to improve my baking skills.

I fully enjoyed presenting and sharing my skill, I also enjoyed watching other peoples skills. 🙂


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