“Never before in history has innovation offered promise of so much to so many in so short a time.” -Bill Gates

Technology is becoming a greater part of our everyday life. Technology is rapidly developing, and is playing a larger role in the world market. Some technology we take for granted. Things we might take for granted include our microwave, the fridge, or a coffee maker. We often take for granted the hours of meticulous designing that goes into making a technological object. For example the design of a microwave.


There is work put into the electrical design of a microwave, and the mechanical design as well as the overall appearance of the microwave. But let’s go even more basic. Most microwaves have hinges on the left, so that they open to the right. Most of the human population is right handed, so having a microwave that opens to the right means we can use our dominant hand to lift our food out of the microwave. However we never stop and think about this design of the microwave, we take it for granted.

There are many developing products, and companies playing larger roles in the world market. Hand held devices are becoming more common, and society, as a whole, relies heavily on computers. One of my favourite companies of the 21st century is Apple. I love their products, I appreciate their design, but they are pricy. I prefer the Mac Desktops over the PC desktops. I use apple products such as the Ipod, and Ipad frequently mainly for enjoyment, and communication.



There are some awesome apps out their. I love the games that have been developed. Some of my favourites include temple run, Subway Surfer, 4 pics one word, ANGRY BIRDS!, and fruit ninja. There is often speculation of new apple products that may be released in the future. Some of these include the

apple wrist watch


Iphone 6



I can’t wait to see what apple comes up with next. Sir Jonathan Ives has done an excellent job designing and innovating new products for apple.

In the future I’d love to see technological advancements that provide technology like what was shown in the movie Avatar. I think that would be so cool 🙂



Technology is rapidly advancing. It is important however, that the human race doesn’t become so dependent on technology that we loose our ability to store information and knowledge. 

Technology can be used for good or for evil, for advancements or set backs. I will conclude this blog entry with a quote from Albert Einstien: 

“It Has Become Appallingly Obvious That Our Technology Has Exceeded Our Humanity”


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