I had an awesome spring break this year! I am really thankful for the 2 week spring break, if it had been any shorter my parents wouldn’t want to travel. We went to Florida, and it was a lot of fun. It was definitely nice to go somewhere warm after our long cold winter here in PG. We did a lot when we were down in Florida.

Image<– my cousin sister and I


My aunt, uncle and 2 cousins live in Florida so we spent a lot of time with them. We also went to the beach, Disney world, and Universal.The beach we went to is called Melbourne beach, our hotel was right on the beach which was really cool. It was so warm, and the water wasn’t too cold. I didn’t do a lot of swimming in the ocean but the hotel had a nice pool which I went in a lot.

Image <—- Me going for a swim 🙂

We spent 2 days at universal. Universal has 2 theme parks.

Image <– Universal

One is called Universal studios, the other is called Universal Island of Adventure.The universal studios has a lot of rides with special effects, 4d movies, and stimulators.The Island of Adventure has crazier rides like roller coasters, and the ones that go up and down really fast.Some of my favourite rides at universal were Jurassic park, Men In black, Spiderman, The Mummy, Minion mayhem, Shrek, and Harry potter. 

Image<– Jurassic park got us so wet!

Image<– I made some friends

We also went to Disney world’s Enchanted Kingdom. I personally enjoyed disney more than Universal, but both parks were a lot of fun. At disney world some of my favourite rides were Space mountain, rocky mountain railway, Buzz lightyear, and the jungle cruise.

Image <— Disney 🙂

I did some shopping when were in florida. They have some really big malls and outlet stores. I know I definitely can’t complain about my spring break. I had a lot of fun. It was nice to see family again. I enjoyed the warm weather and the beach. I had a lot of fun at disney and Universal. I look forward to when I get to go back next and I hope SD.57 sticks with the 2 week spring break because I think it gives a better opportunity to do more things such as travelling.


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