“Fear makes us feel our humanity” Benjamin Disraeli

What is fear? For me fear is to be afraid, fear is an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that you are in danger.


Over the past year I have developed many fears. One of my biggest fears is of myself. I am afraid I will mess up somewhere along the way. I am afraid I will hurt someone. I am afraid I will miss out on amazing chances because of my fear. I think this fear developed when I became more aware of myself.

elf. images-9

Another fear that I have developed over the past year is a fear of mine is SPIDERS! I don’t know why but when I see them climbing up the wall it freaks me out! I am so afraid of them I can’t squish them. If I see one on the floor I have to cover it with a tissue and ferociously smash the tissue with a broom hoping for the best. the worst part is I’m too scared to touch the spider after its dead so I just leave it there under the tissue for my mom to find. I don’t know why some small little invertebrate can scare people but spiders definitely scare me. It’s not a serious fear or a phobia, and I won’t be too concerned if I never get over this fear.


I think everyone has fears. Fears can work to our advantage. Sometimes when we are fearless we forget to be cautious and we take unescaary risks. I think it is about finding an a balance. Too much fear can consume you, paralyze you and trouble you. Without fear I don’t think a person can be brave, as bravery is conquering a fear.


I dont want to be afraid, one of my biggest problems is fearing fear itself. Without fear we could be free, but freedom is often abused. Some people say that they are not afraid of anything. For me I find that almost impossible to believe. We all have different fears. I think when someone else is afraid of something we can help them over come their fear, and in turn that person can help us with our own fears. I personally believe we were made afraid of something so that we had an obstacle to over come. It gave us something to accomplish. What if we were born without fear? would we face the same challenges, would we think the same way? Challenge, for me, is what gives opportunity for accomplishment.


So I’ll finish this blog entry with a quote to think about:

“There are times when fear is good. It must keep its watchful place at the heart’s controls”-Aeschylus


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