“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” Mahatma Gandhi


Time is a continuum, it is forever moving forward. You can not pause it, fast-forward it or rewind it. Five minutes can be a short time, or it can feel like forever. If we are waiting for the end of school 5 minutes feels like a life time, however spending 5 minutes indulged in an interesting activity with a friend can feel like no time at all. What if you had only five minutes left to live? What if you knew you weren’t going to live until tomorrow. I don’t know what I would do. I have never been put in a situation where my life is in danger. When you have limited time and when everything you do now, in this moment, won’t matter tomorrow, it can make you realize what you truly value. Sometimes we don’t make time for our friends and family. Sometimes we forget to take 5 minutes and really ask how someone is doing. We push all these things aside because we are concerned for tomorrow’s deadlines. Tomorrow home work is due, tomorrow I have to work, in 10 minutes I have to be at an appointment. If we were to die in five minutes all these seemingly big things would be microscopic, and they would no longer matter. If you had five minutes left to live your perspective would most likely change.


For me, the things that would be most important would be the people I love. My friends and my family. If I only had five minutes I would really know who my real friends were. Sometimes we work hard to impress someone, sometimes we are civil with people we don’t really like. But all of these people would no longer matter if you knew your end was coming. My mom, my dad, and my sister would be my priority. I would call them first, if they weren’t already with me. Next would be my friends, and all the people I love. I wouldn’t worry about making plans for tomorrow, I wouldn’t worry about my things, I wouldn’t worry about anything because in five minutes none of it would matter.


I think these last five minutes would be the fastest five minutes of my life. I can’t imagine how horrific it would be to know your end was coming and being afraid you may not make it to tomorrow. This reminds me of the recent bombing in Boston. How horrible it must have been as those wounded drew their last breath. This also reminds me of how thankful I should be for the life I am living. I think having five minutes left to live would make time more precious than ever.


If I had to call someone and speak to them for the last five minutes I would only really have 3 words to say: I Love You. They are simple, but sometimes they are the hardest words to say. I think they are always important, especially when you truly mean it.


I really take “TOMORROW” for granted, and sometimes I don’t take advantage of opportunities because I am scared of consciences that may arise.

Everything that be begins must end. Everyone who is born must die. Death could be the end of life, but the end might only be the beginning.

“Now is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is perhaps, the end of the beginning.”- Winston Churchill.


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