“A high station in life is earned by the gallantry with which appalling experiences are survived with grace”-Tennessee Williams

Experiences are what make us who we are. Some experiences are positive, others are negative. We learn from experiences, we are offered an opportunity to grow.

I have personally had many experiences, some have been good, some have been bad. In the past year I haven’t had any huge experiences that have been forced into my life, but two years ago my grandmother passed away. It was at the start of winter, the snow was starting to dust the road, and the trees. The days were getting shorter, and the nights were getting longer. My dad received a phone call explaining his mother was in hospital. At the beginning we weren’t too worried, it was just an infection. When people age their immunity to things such as infections, begins to break down. I, however, was convinced everything was going to be fine.

The weeks went by and my grandmother was still in hospital. We went down to Vancouver to visit her, I missed a lot of school. Then Christmas holidays came. My family and I spent the most part of our holidays in the Vancouver hospice house. We visited with cousins a lot too. It was probably the saddest christmas, it was our grandmothers last christmas with her grandchildren. My dad’s side of the family is fairly big, I have a lot of cousins. I remember we all got together for christmas dinner at my aunt’s house. Christmas holiday’s that year went by slow, it was cold, wet, and cloudy in Vancouver. My parents, sister and I were staying at my grandmothers apartment. The apartment was empty, the warmth that came with my gran’s hospitality was missing.

Christmas holidays ended. It was January and school was back in session. Gran was till sick. Shortly after school started my grandmother passed away. The night I found out was the only night I can remember to this day, that I’ve cried myself to sleep. I had never experienced the death of a loved one. I had also never seen my dad cry.

A couple weeks later we were back in Vancouver for the funeral service. It was so hard to say goodbye, and it was so hard to see so many people sad. However, the whole experience brought our close family even closer. It was the day of the funeral that I realized that all my cousins (who are  mostly older than me) were there for me. We were all there for each other. We all had different life styles, values, and ideas, but that love for family was what  bonded us together.

This experience was forced upon me. It felt like it sneaked into my life slowly, then at the last minute was shoved in my face. Life changed, but it still went on. Family reunions were have never been the same. My gran was my only grandmother I met, she was also the best. I miss her a ton. Things have turned out well though. We all still remember her and love her very much. I’ve become a lot closer to my relatives, and in those few months I grew a lot as a person. I took on the responsibility of looking after my sister. I was there for my younger cousins too. There were days where my parents had to leave my sister and I alone in our grandmothers apartment because they were busy looking after my grandmother or speaking with the doctor. Those days I had to cook and clean. The most important thing that came from this experience was I learned how fragile life can be. I really felt for the first time, the immense amount of love I had for my grandmother, and that I have for my family.

That was probably the saddest, most heart breaking experience of my life. I wish my gran was still here. However I don’t wish I could be a different person than I am today, and that experience has contributed in making me who I am. Things have turned out well, and I’m absolutely positive that my gran is having a wonderful cup of tea with her favourite chocolate covered digestive cookies up in God’s beautiful garden. I believe she is  happy now, in heaven, in paradise ♥


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