California Band Trip 2013!


The trip began at 4:00 in the morning when my alarm went off. I was tired, but bursting with excitement because I WAS GOING TO CALIFORNIA! We arrived at the Prince George air port. The first day consisted of flying and eating. We arrived at our hotel and wen out for a fancy dinner at Bucca de Beppo, an Italian restaurant.


all dressed up for dinner

The next morning we were scheduled for a day of adventure in Disneyland! We got into groups. I hung out with Robin, Jerrica, Hayley, John, Brylee, Erik, Riley, Kieran, Amy, and pippa. We called ourselves the party of 11. We did lots of rides the first day. We went on the cars race ride, splash mountain, indiana jones, and some other rides. I didn’t go on California screaming (a crazy big roller coaster) but lots of the group did.


our group, Party of 11

On day 3 we did a sound track session, in the back stage part of disney. It was probably one of the coolest musical experiences I’ve been a part of. The amount of improvement from our first recording (when we sight read) to our second recording (after rehearsing the music) was phonemail. We played some music from the lion king, the movie tangled, and the Disney theme song. After the recording studio we went into the park and went on more rides. This was the awesome day for our group. I managed to go on the california screaming roller coaster, and we all decided to go on tower of terror. The park wasn’t very busy so we got to hit a lot of rides. It was a ton of fun, if it hadn’t been for the sweltering heat the day would have been perfect. For dinner we went to Bubba Gump. It was an awesome place, they had good food, and there were really lots of cool references from the movie Forrest Gump.


I’m so proud of myself for going on that roller coaster


Mrs. Klein won that round 🙂

On day 4 we performed on the big jamboree ranch stage. We had to wear all black from head to toe, and the sun was burning hot outside. I almost died. I could feel rivers of sweat dripping down my body. It was nasty. After the performance we went on more rides. We mostly went on rides we had been on before but it was still lots of fun. We also got some great pictures with Disney characters!


Tigger! ❤



Day 7 was our last day in California 😦 We packed up and drove to the air port. We flew home, on the plane I did some homework. On day 6 we went to the Universal Studios. We went on a tour, and went on lots of rides. It was really fun. The weather started off cold but it warmed, and turned out to be a nice day in the end. We did a little bit of souvenir shopping. At the end of the night, back at our hotel we had the talent show. I didn’t go in but some of the acts were hilarious! It was a lot of fun.




Hollywood walk of fame- Celine dion

The trip was a fantastic and an amazing experience. I had a ton of fun and I can’t wait until the next trip. It was a lot of early mornings, late nights, and busy days, but it was definitely worth it. I had so much fun. The chaperones and Mrs. Klein did a fantastic job of keeping us under control and making the trip absolutely amazing. It will definitely be a week I remember!

Goodbye California

good bye california, until next time ♥


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